July 31, 2021


World News

Staircase section from Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower to go up for auction

A section of the Eiffel Tower’s spiral staircase will be presented at an auction by Artcurial on December 1st, footage from Friday shows the staircase section on display in Paris.

Measuring 2.6 metres (8.5 feet) in height with 14 steps, the section is part of the original spiral staircase, dating from 1889, that linked the second and third floors of the French capital’s iconic monument.

Coming from a private Canadian collection, bidding is estimated to start at 30,000 to 40,000 euros ($35,587-$47,444). Cecile Tajan, Specialist at the department Art Deco and Design at Atricurial, expects it to fetch a higher price than the estimation from those who are passionate about Paris “because it is an important historical element of French heritage.” In 1983, the installation of a lift between the bottom two sections required the dismantling of a staircase, which was cut into 24 sections, each measuring between two and nine metres.

One of these pieces was retained on the first floor of the Tower and three others were offered to French museums. On December 1, 1983, the remaining 20 sections were sold at auction: the pieces of the ‘Iron Lady’ were acquired by collectors from all around the world. (ruptly.tv)