October 22, 2021


World News

Manger feast! Naples restaurant makes nativity scene out of pizza ahead of Christmas

A pizza parlour has been turning heads in the heart of Naples for displaying a pizza-based nativity scene on the street, as seen on Friday, in a tradition that spans back for over 20 years. “I’m a Neapolitan who lives in San Gregorio Armeno, I have been doing this for 20 years and every year the crib gets bigger and bigger, little by little,” said Carmine Mauro, the owner of Pizzeria 900. The installation takes about a month and a half to be completed. “If I did everything together it would collapse, so you have to wait until the pasta is dry and hard, because all the characters made of pizza go on top, one by one I fix the characters onto the pizza with toothpicks,” Mauro explained. This year, the nativity scene has seen a particular novel adaptation to bring the piece up to speed with the latest worldly developments on the COVID-19 global pandemic front. The shepherds made of dough are all wearing masks, and there’s a coronavirus test centre next to baby Jesus manger. “I like it very much and it has also unfortunately been decorated with the episode that hit us this year, the shepherds have masks on and there is also the centre to do swab tests, so I would say it’s an ultra-modern nativity scene. Very pretty,” a passerby said. (ryptly.tv)