July 31, 2021


World News

Treasure trove of Bond-esque WWII gadgets to go under hammer

A collector has put their stash of World War II memorabilia up for sale, as filmed in Etwall near Derby on Wednesday. The lot, which includes espionage gadgets concealed in everyday objects, is expected to fetch thousands of pounds at Hanson’s Militaria Auction on November 20. A camera hidden in a matchbox, a compass disguised as a shaving brush and a clandestine blade are all included in the lot, which was collected over the course of forty years. “They’re actually faked nowadays because they’re all worth so much money,” said Hanson’s military expert Adrian Stevenson. Other items include miniature telescopes and a compass enclosed in a smoking pipe with Stevenson “hoping for great things from them.” The items were issued to Royal Air Force pilots, Special Operations Executives, Resistance Fighters in the event they were stranded behind enemy lines in order to aid their navigation and escape. (ruptly.tv)