July 31, 2021


World News

‘It’s very ugly’ – Mexico City residents queue outside hospitals as nationwide cases surpass 1 million

Mexico City residents were seen queuing outside hospitals on Tuesday, three days after their country surpassed one million registered COVID-19 cases and reached 99,000 test-confirmed deaths with the disease. People were seen queuing outside various hospitals in the Mexican capital, as crowds of people walked along the megalopolis’s streets. “They all say ‘stay home,’ but the truth is that we can’t stay home because we work every day,” said taco seller Romualdo Hernandez. “We continue to ignore many indications. We even get mad at the rules and don’t apply them ourselves. I believe that we are guilty,” said pensioner Maria del Socorro Guerra. “The majority of people do not take care of themselves the way they should. So yes, it’s very ugly,” said tour guide Gabriel Correa. “The management of the authorities has not been adequate,” Correa continued. “They should have been a little more strict with the restrictions and the measures to prevent infections.” Mexico has registered 1.01 million cases of coronavirus and 99,026 related deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. (ruptly.tv)