July 31, 2021


World News

100-year-old disc golf champion sets new Guinness World Record

100-year-old Don Shinn, the Guinness world record setter for the farthest thrown flying disc of 189 feet (57.6 meters) by a male over 100 year old, showed off his unique skills in Colton in the US, on Friday. South Korea native and former judo instructor Don Shinn began playing disc golf 10 years ago after his retirement and has been practicing every day ever since which is helping him to stay active physically and mentally. “I have a great desire to keep practicing every day in order to live. I practice daily for the period of two hours and a half, in the morning,” explained Shinn. “Because of the discipline I am surviving. It makes me feel refreshed and sanity and very happy,” stated Shinn. Similar to traditional golf, disc golf is played on an 18 hole course but requires tossing a frisbee instead of hitting a golf ball with a club. There are 7,000 disc golf courses across the US. (ruptly.tv)