August 2, 2021


World News

‘Noodle Fairy’ – Chinese chef in traditional costume cooks up a storm with her dance moves!

Chinese chef Zhou Ying has been combining her culinary and dancing skills while preparing noodles in a move which has quickly become a viral sensation on Tik Tok, where she is known as the ‘Noodle Fairy.’ On Monday, she was seen presenting her peculiar performance in front of a large crowd in Xuyi. The chef from Xu Yi began in 2018 after being inspired by a similar act online. She believes that combining dancing and preparing noodles while wearing traditional Chinese clothing is a ‘type of folk art’ which she sees as something ‘beautiful.’ It’s not all smiles though, the act can be quite gruelling, according to Zhou. “My arms are always painful everytime I come back from work,” she said. In addition, there is a level of technical skill involved “to dance according to the rhythm of the music,” but ultimately the endeavour is ‘worth it.’ Zhou now performs online through her social media page and in person, drawing crowds in with this hypnotic style of dancing. (