January 18, 2022


World News

I kid you not! 7 y/o shepherd girl from Hubei minds herd of over 300 goats

A 7-year-old girl from China’s Hubei province demonstrated her impressive shepherding skills, by her managing a herd of 330 goats, as seen in footage from Sunday. Little Chen Wan lives with her mom and dad at the family goat farm in Lao Wan village, 50 kilometres away from Xiangyang City, and her main daily duty is to lead the herd to graze on fields located three kilometres away from the farmhouse. Chen Wan’s father Chen Zhengdong said the farm began with just 60 goats in 2013, and that the number of livestock grew to 330 animals. “The herd has become bigger, and more difficult to manage. I feel they need a leading goat”, Zhengdong explained adding “So my little girl began to help us like a leading goat.” The girl has been next to her parents since the early years as there was nobody to leave the little one with. Growing up, Wan got along with the animals and appears to enjoy taking care of them. Wan’s mother Li Xian said the girl never gave up on her flock, even when she was in bad mood. “Sometimes she fell and complained, ‘I don’t want to herd goats anymore! I don’t want to take care of them.’ But she was just saying it. After a while, she will continue to herd goats when she gets over the mood because she likes goats”, Xian said smiling. (ruptly.tv)