January 24, 2022


World News

Coffins and statues dating back 2,500 years unveiled in Saqqara Necropolis

Egyptian officials unveiled nearly 100 recently discovered sarcophagi and 40 gilded statues in Saqqara, south of Cairo, on Saturday. The artefacts date back more than 2,500 years ago to the Late Period (664-332BC) and the Ptolemaic dynasty that ruled Egypt from around 320BC to about 30BC. Archaeologists could be seen opening one of the coffins, before carrying out an X-ray scan over the well-preserved mummy found inside. “After investigating with the scanner, we’ve found it’s a male, with age between 40 to 42 [years old], without any diseases, it’s a normal death,” said Mohamed El-Seaidy, member of the Egyptian archaeological mission. The mummy, the sealed coffins and the statues were displayed in a makeshift exhibit next to the Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt’s oldest pyramid. (ruptly.tv)