August 2, 2021


World News

3 y/o boy dons Spider-Man mesh suit to recover from extensive burns

Marcos Levi, a three-year-old boy from the town of Guaruja, Brazil, has taken on the identity of Spider Man, as seen in footage from Friday, with a specially designed compression suit to help heal the extensive burns he sustained in an accident with hot oil at nine months old. “Nobody had hope for him, but [the recovery] was very good. After two months and a half, he left the hospital and had to use a compressive mesh to help his skin to recover,” his mother said. But Levi had little doubt what he wanted his compression mesh to look like. He soon asked for one of his favourite super-hero, Spider Man, which artist Ulisses Cavalcante created for him. “I got the request from the child’s mother to make his clothes and it was very rewarding because Levi is a lovely boy and his request was to become Spider-Man,” the creator of the customised Spider-Man compressive mesh said. The family started an online campaign to get the compressive mesh raising as much as 40,000 Brazilian Reals (€6,190, $7330) to help Levi achieve his dream to become a super hero. “It’s a money that’s going to his mother in its entirety so she can afford the compressive mesh, because we haven’t yet managed to get a child’s fabric for free. So she is going to pay, beyond the cost of the compressive mesh, there is also the artistic value,” the funding page starter said. (