January 19, 2022


World News

Pro-Trump InfoWars ‘Stop the Steal’ caravan arrives in Richmond

The pro-Trump InfoWars’ (Online publication) ‘Stop the Steal’ caravan arrived in Richmond, Virginia, on Thursday. InfoWars host Owen Shroyer can be seen making accusations about the vote allegedly being rigged. “And in fact, he (Joe Biden, US President-elect) doesn’t even have enough elect total votes to claim that he was ever the president elect. But we’re about to overturn Michigan and we’re about to overturn what Wisconsin, we’re about to overturn Pennsylvania, and you’re going to find out real quick. The only reason they’re still counting in Georgia, in Arizona, in Nevada is because Trump’s still in the lead. So that’s how you know that they’re cheating. Because the Democrats do nothing but cheat,” he insisted. The protesters believe the election was stolen by the mail-in ballot process, which helped President-elect Joe Biden take the lead in the US presidential vote nationwide. No viable evidence has yet been provided for these claims. InfoWars is considered by many to be a far-right outlet for alternative news that was established by Alex Jones in 1999. In recent years, many social media platforms and content outlets have placed bans on materials produced by InfoWars, citing conspiracy theory concerns. (ruptly.tv)