October 22, 2021


World News

‘We don’t know what to do’ – Typhoon Vamco wreaks havoc in Ragay village

Streets and roads were left flooded in the Philippines village of Ragay on Thursday, the day after it was hit by Typhoon Vamco, locally known as Ulysses. Ragay residents were seen coping with the typhoon`s aftermath and standing in front of submerged dwellings. “We don’t know what to do. I hope help is underway,” said resident Evelyn Presente as she fought back tears. At least one person reportedly died and three were missing after Vamco hit the Philippines` Bicol Region on Wednesday. Typhoon Vamco is the tenth typhoon experienced by the Philippines in 2020. It is currently still active as a Category-1 typhoon and is heading towards Vietnam and South China. According to local reports, at least two people died and thousands are being evacuated throughout the country. (ruptly.tv)