January 18, 2022


World News

Tropical storm Eta leaves flooding in its wake near Tampa

Tropical storm Eta left flooding its wake in the city of Clearwater, near Tampa, on Thursday, as locals and tourists made the best of it. The storm made landfall during the night when locals were inside, with wind speeds topping around 50 mp/h (80 km/h), with flash flooding and power outages reported in affected areas of Florida. However, locals took the opportunity to go surfing on the waves left behind from the storm the next morning. Courtney, a local surfer, said that such waves are “rare” in the city. One Michigan tourist also made light of the situation explaining that she and her friends had been at a bar on the beach when the storm hit, explaining that she had “never experienced anything like” it. Storm Eta is projected to continue its path to through Cuba and Central America. (ruptly.tv)