October 22, 2021


World News

Opposition legislators hand in their resignations at Legislative Council

Opposition legislators arrived at Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (LegCo) on Thursday in order to hand in their resignation letters and make a statement to the media. Claudia Mo, one of the resigning lawmakers, gave the media an outline of her time serving in office: “I was a legislator for two terms. The first term was marked by the umbrella movement and I brought along this yellow umbrella as the icon for remembrance sake. And the second term was, obviously, as we all know, marked by the anti-China extradition movement and it was very traumatising but in a way fulfilling when it comes to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy fight.” China’s government passed a resolution earlier on Wednesday allowing the city’s government to remove from the legislature politicians deemed as a “threat to national security.” According to the new law, legislators can be barred if they support Hong Kong independence, ask foreign forces to interfere in the local affairs or refuse to acknowledge China’s sovereignty over the island. In a statement to the media, Wu Chi-wai, chairman of Hong Kong’s democratic party and legislator, announced “the end of one country, two systems” in the light of the new legislation changes. The one country, two systems principle is a type of governance that has described the governance of Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) since 1997. (ruptly.tv)