January 19, 2022


World News

Barking for glory! Labrador becomes volleyball sensation in India

He is only 18 months old, and only a dog, but Caeser has become a star in Mannarkkad, a town in the southern Indian state of Kerala, for his amazing volleyball skills. As seen on Wednesday, the labrador plays as a setter with the kids from the village – that’s the position that suits better his canine ability to toss the ball using his nose and mouth. Caesar’s owner, a volleyball player in a nearby university, decided to teach his dog some tricks of the game after the Covid-19 lockdown was announced. “I started the basic training for Caesar three months ago. I learned most of the skills from watching YouTube videos. I am a volleyball player, during the lockdown we couldn’t go to the court and do our regular practising,” explains T.K. Mubeen. “While playing I called him for fun as I was a bit bored playing alone. That time he was actively participating and kicking the ball like a trained player, so I called all boys from our village and created a net and started playing with him.” Caesar now masters the basics of assisting and playing defence, but often doesn’t follow the volleyball rules, which, for instance, doesn’t allow dogs to play both sides of the net. Mubeen says the labrador is also interested in football, “I have seen him playing football well with the kids from our village.” But the owner pretends to keep Caesar in his natural volleyball habitat, “I am hoping to keep him in a setter position in a volleyball tournament. That’s my wish.” (ruptly.tv)

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