January 19, 2022


World News

Record high of ‘over 21,000’ new COVID cases in last 24h – govt spox

Germany registered a record high of “over 21,000” new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours on Friday, according to government spokesperson Steffen Seibert, in Berlin. “The number of corona death cases lies significantly over 100 again,” Seibert added, explaining that there was again a “dynamic of the proliferation of the virus that we cannot accept and that overloads our Health Offices in many places.” Seibert stressed that the situation meant the country was in “danger of reaching the limit of the intensive care stations’ capacity and their personnel.” The spokesperson added that the government’s goal was still stabilising the number of infections in order to “reach again a situation in which is possible to follow up the contacts of all infected persons.” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Adebahr also addressed the US presidential election, saying that Berlin had “no reason to doubt” observers from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), who have stated there was no evidence of electoral fraud, contradicting the allegations of US President Donald Trump and other Republicans. Raids by police in multiple locations in Germany in connection with the recent deadly attack in Vienna were also discussed by Interior Ministry spokesperson Steve Alter, who said that those targeted had previous connections with the Vienna attacker, but were not suspected of involvement in the shootings. (ruptly.tv)

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