January 18, 2022


World News

Nevada election official explains ongoing vote counting process

An election official for Nevada’s Clark County explained the state’s ongoing vote counting process, during a press conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, explaining that the state had published mistaken early results which have since been corrected. “The posting that was placed on our website on Election Night and yesterday was incorrect. We determined that our tabulation software was incorrectly duplicating those records and so the 120,000 that you may have seen on our website is an incorrect number. That has been corrected,” said Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Garcia. “It’s important for the entire country to understand that mail ballots on this scale is very new to the state of Nevada. We made a decision here to provide as much access as we possibly could as a result of the pandemic and so our processes run a little bit slower. We also have to make sure that our data has been updated because we need to prevent people from voting twice in the system,” Gloria stated. Gloria went on to say that 63,262 ballots remain outstanding but the staff is “preparing to count and has already begun counting a little over 51,000 ballots that would be reported tomorrow prior to my 10 am brief,” he said. With ballots having been posted before election day still arriving by mail, results could continue coming in until November 12th, the registrar said, adding that the goal in Clark County is not to count fast. “We want to make sure that we are being accurate,” he concluded. As of Friday, Joe Biden is holding a narrow lead ahead of US incumbent President Donald Trump in the key state of Nevada, which could end up deciding the election. (ruptly.tv)