October 22, 2021


World News

Muslim community in NYC comment on presidential election amid vote count

Members of the Muslim community in New York City reacted to the US presidential election and shared their expectations regarding the winner of the race on Friday, as ballots were still being counted in several battleground states. “I am surprised we haven’t decided yet, and I am surprised that the Democrats haven’t won [yet],” said local Shayda. She added that the Muslim community “is looking forward to Biden’s win”, as Trump’s “policies and his rhetoric” have affected Muslims’ lives and “the lives of our families and those we love in the countries we’re from.” Another local Hassan wished for incumbent US President Donald Trump to win the elections as “he gave a chance to the Arab countries to grow and to concentrate on their economy, and he also talked them towards peace with Israel, and he tried to find a solution for the Palestinian issue.” Hassan criticised the Democrats and the media for “being against Trump since day one.” According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), 84 percent of the country’s Muslims voted in the election. An estimated number of 3.450.000 Muslims live in the United States which constitutes 1.1 percent of the whole population. (ruptly.tv)