October 22, 2021


World News

Half-naked FEMEN activist protests near Polish Embassy in Kiev

A half-naked activist from the FEMEN movement protested outside the Embassy of Poland in Kiev on Friday against Warsaw’s abortion ban. The woman climbed on the roof of her car, lit flares and started whistling. The words “Women’s Strike” can be seen on her stomach written in Polish. “FEMEN calls on Polish women to fight until complete victory – the absolute and unquestionable right of women to make decisions about their own bodies and a guarantee of noninterference of church or state in those decisions,” the movement said in a statement on its website. Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal issued a ruling last week that banned nearly all abortions, with exceptions only for instances of rape, incest, and when keeping a foetus would endanger a woman’s life. The ruling found that an existing law allowing abortion in the case of foetal abnormalities, which accounts for the vast majority of terminations in the country, was incompatible with the Polish constitution. The law should have come into effect on Monday but it was suspended due to mass protests. (ruptly.tv)