January 19, 2022


World News

Elephantiastic! 78-year-old Soman to take the world record for oldest elephant

A 78-year-old elephant named Soman is hopefully about to enter the Guinness world records book, as he is believed to be the oldest elephant in the World, or at least in Asian and African region, according to Karela’s Forest range office. Soman is living in the ‘Elephant rehabilitation centre,’ in Kottur in the South Indian Thiruvananthapuram District, alongside another 15 elephants, of which eight are tuskers like him. Five baby elephants are also living at the centre. As seen in footage filmed on Friday, Soman is fond of long baths in the Neyyar river. He also enjoys food, such as a special big ball made of a special mixture consisting of rice and ragi pulses, as well as nibbling reed. “When it comes to taking his food. Compared to other elephants he consumes more food daily, with nearly 150 kilograms of leafy material being his daily requirement,” explained animal keeper Sumesh Suresh. Although very old, Soman is in very good condition, and apart from a small vision problem in his right eye, he is not facing any other health issues. Soman is also very well trained and prone to making his own decisions very independently. We do not have to tell anything to this one, like we do to other elephants. He does everything on his own,” stated Suresh. The centre authorities displayed official proof of age and plan to bring this information to Guinness so that Somar becomes a part of elephant history. (ruptly.tv)