July 31, 2021


World News

Derailed train left suspended above ground after sculpture prevents crash

A metro train was seen hanging on an art piece several metres above the ground after crashing through the barrier at the end of the tracks in Spijkenisse past midnight, on the outskirts of Rotterdam, early Monday morning. A whale tale-shaped sculpture has prevented the damaged train from falling under, as emergency services were seen establishing a security perimeter under the statue. No injuries have been reported. According to a statement by the Rotterdam Police Operational Center Unit, the driver has been arrested and is being questioned

Kenneth van Veen, Spokesperson for Rotterdam Safety Region (Dutch): “Yes, we are here in Spijkenisse under the metro station. Tonight around 12:30 AM (23:00 GMT) a metro train drove through the fenders and came to a halt on a work of art. The driver was wonderfully unharmed here and also went with the ambulance for a check. We are looking at how we can secure the situation. It’s hanging in a very special way, it is parked on top of a work of art. The public transport company RET and the emergency services are currently looking at how they can make the metro safe.”