January 18, 2022


World News

Surfers catch massive waves in Nazare after hurricane Episilon stirs up the Atlantic

Surfers flocked to the popular surfing destination of Nazare’s “Praia do Norte” on Thursday, as a historic swell derived from the remnants of hurricane Epsilon hit the coastline. Fans and surfers headed to the hills and were seen looking on as surfers descended down the colossal waves. “Today the waves were like 5 meters with 20 seconds without wind and sunny. Especially, when it gets that big, it’s kind of stormy and windy. And this time it’s pretty clean and no wind and sunny. That’s why so many people showed up to watch this show,” an attendee said. The famous surfing spot, located in the central coast of Portugal, is home to the biggest surfable waves on the planet. Brazilian surfer Ricardo Koxa set a world record for the biggest wave ever surfed in 2017 by overcoming an impressive 24 metre (80 foot) wave in Nazare. (Ruptly.tv)