July 31, 2021


World News

‘Spot’ the robotic dog sniffs out radiation at Chernobyl’s nuclear plant

Boston Dynamics robotic dog known as ‘Spot’ designed to detect radiation, was spotted working at Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor number four, as the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management reported on October 23. Central Enterprise for Radioactive Waste Management and University of Bristol scientists brought the four-legged robot to the area to test its abilities. According to the Agency, the experiment took place on the territory of two sectors where radioactive waste is temporarily stored in the “Red Forest” and “Podlesny” radioactive waste burials. Spot assessed the level of radiation in various areas, as its mission was to search for previously unknown contaminated locations. The robot as well as all specialists complied with safety requirements with Spot seen wearing protective shoe covers inside Chernobyl’s hangar. Information obtained by the robot will help to update the maps showing the spread of radiation in the areas. According to the Agency, drones and sensors-scanners were used alongside the robot to assess the contamination of the area.(Ruptly.tv)

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