October 22, 2021


World News

Trump blames rising US COVID cases on increased testing

US President Donald Trump once again blamed an increase in coronavirus cases in the US on increased testing after arriving in Columbus, Ohio, ahead of a campaign rally on Sunday. “You know why there are so many cases? Because we test. Because we test more than any country in the world, nobody tests like us,” said Trump, before chastising a reporter “trying to scare people” by using the word “cases.” While the US has significantly ramped up testing, observers point to the increased rate of positive tests as evidence of the pandemic’s increasing spread. The president also stated that ten days out from the presidential election, “nothing worries me,” before attacking his predecessor, Barack Obama, by alleging that few people had turned out to see him as he campaigned for former vice president Joe Biden on Saturday. “Look, Obama shows up for a speech, and nobody shows up. What did they have yesterday? Did 32 people show up? We got 35,000-40,000 people half of the time. What’s my smallest crowd? 20,000-22,000 people.” Trump is set to host a rally in Circleville, near Columbus, before moving onto other campaign events in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire. (Ruptly)