July 31, 2021


World News

Museum dedicated to ‘social outbreak’ protest movement opens in Santiago

A museum dedicated to the ongoing Chilean protest movement that began in October 2019 has opened in Santiago as seen on Saturday. The exhibits include sculptures, portraits of protesters, photographs of the protests, as well as shields used by demonstrators. The Museum of the Social Outbreak, which is the term used by local media for the protests, opened last week in time for the one year anniversary of the protest movement that was reached on October 18. Marcel Sola, the museum’s curator and director, explained that the space would act as a repository for the history of the protests, saying that he hoped “it will generate that emotional resonance that is already in the collective unconscious of many people.” “The museum has been a platform where organisations can tell us about their struggle, their convictions, which allows to add more voices to this nascent movement,” said Maria Jose Cornejo, who also works on the project. Protests broke out in Chile of October 2019 after a price hike on the Santiago Metro was announced but the movement subsequently grew into a broader expression of discontent with rising inequality, as well as increasing costs of living and privatisation. On Sunday Chileans are set to vote in a referendum on drafting a new constitution to replace the current Pinochet era one, a key demand of the protesters.